Writer Shirley’s World
1613 N High St.
Lansing, MI 48906

Web: www.writershirleysworld.com
Email: writershirley@gmail.com

Writer Shirley’s World is a writing company created by Shirley Lopez. A long time in her own right who has worked for many #Content #Writing #Companies. Now semi-retired wanted to create her own business to help others in the field. Just about everything is written down and requires professional writers. It takes skill and the ability to write successful blogs.

While she #trains people to blog and earn a very lucrative income, she also helps people get their biography’s and books written and published. Today many people write and like to be published but publishing company’s charge in the thousands of dollars. Once the book is published then the writer must get it sold. Writer Shirley’s World does away with all those expenses. Puts the book on the market and promotes it for you.

She has been instrumental in helping non-profits get funds and grant money.

Last but not at all least the reason I hope your reading this #blog. One of the most difficult things there is for businesses is to drive traffic to their shops. You maybe an internet business or brick n mortar business but the cost of advertisement can be expensive. It is vital that you are out in the public’s eye. You may have your brand already and been passing the word around. But let’s face it you run out of resources. You don’t have the time to set on the internet every week and paying for ads in all the different places can be expensive. I made it simple by doing a bio of your business first, then 2 blogs a week. Putting your blogs on social media is the best way for you to build up your business. I call it the B 2 C Business 2 Customers. Just contact me for more details. And perhaps you too will want my services.