America Lost is an understatement if all the things that Mr. Trump wants to instigate come true. We are a salad bowl of people who work together to keep our nation free. We defend our country and love our country no matter if we are white, red, black, yellow or mixed. We inherit a legacy that protects our homeland, freedoms, and religions. It is not real to think that we would now relinquish our invitable rights to a man without integrity. Fairness is what all Americans seek! People around the world look upon us for our leadership. We need people who are willing to do just that. That calls for those in power to take inventory and relinquish those things that are not good for our people and our nation. We need to know that our President who will soon take office will not go to bed with our enemies but protect our nation as past presidents have done. That he will make a comittment to this great nation to abide by our principals so that he can truly “Make America Great.” We as a nation depend on each other to build up our families, our society, and our religious beliefs to be the highest in the world’s society today. We expect a lot of good things to happen but we realize that many things will change some for the good and some for the bad. We are not to be treated as children and told just anything. My book based on some facts that I have been able to obtain but also based on my own opinion is not to cause alarm or to bother peoples beliefs but to strengthen our very fiber. We all come from a base that was formulated in the “Old World” but made stronger in the “New World”. Saving our native Americans who should be able to obtain their own rights and beliefs. We are not like any other nation around the world. We therefore, demand that you Mr. Trump understand that we are free people with our own rights. That “tweeting” sarcastic comments is not the American Way of Life. This takes away the philosphy of “Making America Great Again.” Take this your own words into consider when you decide to “tweet” as our American President. Remember the world is looking upon you and judging all of us for your “tweets” and every word that proceeds out your mouth. This may seem harsh sir but it is necessary to say. My readers I hope will agree with me and express their opinions to you to help you improve your “tweeting” sir to help our nation grow in strength and favor around the world.

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