Ever thought about the toys that Jesus played with when he was a child? What was Jesus doing as a child? He played around his mother’s knee’s and toys were created by Joseph. Joseph made his first toy which was a baby rattle. Do you know what it was made from? Not wood! How about the other toys that were provided for Jesus? Jesus was a child just like you and me. He grew up as a child with Mary and Joseph his earthly family until he became a man and did God’s work his heavenly father. While on earth as a child Jesus played with toys. The toys were made probably of wood. Perhaps Jesus had a wooden fish he could pull around on a rope or maybe Joseph made him a small hammer. After all Joseph was a carpenter so I am sure that he made Jesus many toys. It is also possible that his mother Mary made him toys from materials. She might have made him a tiny lamb to hold or even a tiny donkey. What about the song “Mary had a Little Lamb” it was something sung about Mary and Joseph? Or was it? All in all what do you think about the toys that Jesus had as a small boy. This is a very interesting story about the toys that Jesus might of had as a child. Enjoy it and add to it if you like when you read it to your children.

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