One of the nice things about our celebration is the Novelties. Sparklers, firecrackers, and much more. The big fireworks go off at night lighting up the night sky. Then we take our lawn chairs set back and just enjoy the view. You can find your holiday items The Windy City Novelties.

The fact is that back in 1776 it was quite different. There had been a long hard war with many Americans and British who died. Now we were a free nation and we could make our own laws. Our forefathers realized that this had to be done quickly. We would become a nation of chaos if they had not been wise enough to make the rules. Also, strong men had to run for office to help maintain these laws.

Today it is extremely exciting! We can enjoy our freedoms and The Windy City Novelties is here to help supply you and your family all the exciting things you like to make your July 4th fun and exciting. They offer Sparklers for the little kids as well as many other things for the older people. Rockets red glare! Why not get some real rockets for yourself? You can only have fun

on July 4th when you visit the Windy City Novelties. Remember if you order by June 22nd you can also have free shipping. Just click on the ad go to their website and have a Great July 4th !