Parkinson Disease from the eyes of a person who has suffered since 2012. Not meant to give medical advice but a self-help to those who suffer from PD. One should always consult their doctor for treatment plan. It is good to be able to discuss with others or join a self-help group. Parkinson is not a disorder that is designed to fit everybody since many of us have some of the symptoms but not all of the PD symptoms.

It is information that I have researched and things that have happened to me. Meant to be able to help those with the problem.

Things like the newest medications and/or surgeries are discussed. It is vital for a Parkinson person to know what is new and up to date.

Other things like Sun Downing not being able to sleep or restless legs is a constant problem. Other things like drooling not being able to chew are all part of Parkinson and highly treatable.

Many people suffer things like dementia as well or not being able to concentrate. All of these symptoms are treatable with the right kind of medications and the right amounts.

Parkinson Disease comes in definable 5 stages. Stages that have particular stages letting the doctor be able to treat the patient and slow down the progression.

This is an updated account of many things that transpires for those who suffer with Parkinson. It is also very helpful to the caregivers and family members to help take care of your loved one.

Many people with Parkinson live a long happy life. We are able to enjoy life with our family, maintain our careers, and be an active part of the community with the proper treatment. Our mentor Michael J Fox has help many Parkinson people to go forward with life! You to can be an inspiration to those around you. So enjoy the information in this book but always ask your doctor before you try anything. It is your life so make the most of it!

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