Many of us who #blog or #writewebsite content on our own page want to get paid to blog. We know if we are hired to write for others that we will be paid for our work. Many bloggers work for content writing companies and some of us go to online hiring companies and make bids for jobs. This is a safe secure method for getting paid. However, some of us want our own blog sites and we want to earn money from our endeavors. I am now going to discuss how to make your blog site into an income.
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Selling Space to Advertisers

The fact is that the bulk of your revenue will come from selling space to advertisers. It is estimated that about 25% of advertising expenses comes from online ads. It is to your benefit to optimize your website. You want to make room for ads if you want to earn an income. The fact remains while there seemingly many different methods of advertising they all come under three direct categories. The following three categories will be discussed in this blog for your benefit.

1. Direct sales of space

2. Affiliate marketing

3. Display ads – paid by click per visitor

Basically, speaking direct sales of space is where you sell to individuals and companies a spot on your blog site. They will pay you for the privilege of placing an ad. Affiliate marketing is the promotion of other people’s products and you earn commission for each sale that is made. The easiest method is where you are going to get paid for putting ads on your website and you earn so much per click. These three are the methods used to generate income from your blogs.

How Ads & Affiliate Networks Pay

Most people use this type of method to earn a lucrative income for their blog sites. In order to do this, you must first register with ad networks that are willing to pay. But before you do sign up make sure that your website is up and running and you have some good material on it for them to verify. This will ensure a chance for you to get paid and also keep you on as a good client for them. Many networks will deny you if you’re under construction or don’t have enough pages. Find out their standards before applying. There are many Ad Networks out there that you might apply too but I am going to list a few that recommended as the top ten CPC/PPC.

Top 10 Ad Networks

1. #Google #Adsense

2. (which is #Yahoo! #Bing Network and #Contextual Ads)

3. #Bidvertiser

4. #Chitika

5. #Infolinks

1. #VibrantMedia

2. #Kontera

3. #ClickBooth

4. #Blogads

5. #PocketSense

Top 10 Affiliate Networks

1. #Amazon Associates

2. #Commission #Junction

3. #RakutenMarketing

4. #Panthera

5. #Never #Blue

6. #ClickBank

7. #ShareASale

8. #Pepperjam

9. #eBay Partner Network

10. #Peerfly

In conclusion

Remember it does not matter which #networks you plan on using to bring revenue to your #blog site the system remains the same. You must have an up and running website. It is essential that you are bringing followers to your website. The categories you blog about are the most likely ones to bring in the same as manner of advertisers. Therefore, look for advertisers who will sponsor your blogs by topics you write about. Checkout my book

in order to learn how to drive traffic to your website. We will be putting many more blogs on this website to help you with your blogging endeavor so you too can #getpaidtoblog. #Writersmanualforsuccess find it on #Amazon!