Our times have become so advanced but yet many are in fear of our own destruction. A review of our past might help improve the future. We seem today in our society to repeat patterns of self-destruction.

We have gained so much knowledge over the past centuries because of the events that took place we have gone from just rolling the wheel to actually having the wheel roll us along. A man has gone from tossing rocks to having the rocks toss us into a new lifestyle.

Inventors have truly increased our life with modern innovations to help improve our way of life, prevent diseases, manufacturer foods, keeping life intact by peaceful means. They were able to do all these things because with the Knowledge they had they were also endowed with enough Wisdom to do this.

Unfortunately, humans are born with Knowledge but do not possess the Wisdom to advance but even worse use the knowledge to destroy. Our planet is being destroyed daily simply because knowledgeable humans do not have the wisdom to help maintain our world.

It is the time that humans use their Knowledge in a wise manner. We need people in control of our society to start using the wisdom they have to help society produce in a better manner. Perhaps not all people are wise enough to maintain the world but wise men can help make this happen.

Wisdom tells us to keep our waters and streams clean. Do not pollute or we will die from lack of water. Wise men can help by making laws and making sure that they are upheld. We need good land to grow things in order to survive. Food Water Oxygen is vital to our existence.

Knowledge and Wisdom are vital to human survival!

You cannot fix Stupid! But you do not have to follow it! It is each and every one of us duties to check ourselves and discern what is good and what is bad not only for ourselves but for the whole world.

Yes it is our duty as humans to protect what God gave us. The world itself, the animals, the creatures beneath the sea and those that are in flight. But more so the beings that live in different places around the world.

Today do you possess Wisdom? Ask yourself what can you do to make your life, the life of your family, and the rest of the world a better place.

Knowledge without Wisdom can cause havoc!
Let not our society perish because our leaders show no wisdom.

Knowledge with Wisdom will make our society grow and become even better putting us into the next step in a better world.

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