For too long guns in America have ruled our society. Children, women, and adults have been massacre needlessly. It is time we took a stand as a nation of free people. We should lobby for our rights just as those who lobby for the right to bear arms. Form a group that is against guns and wish to change the laws. Let us collect enough money to persuade Congress just like those who support NRA but it should be to help protect our families. The right to “bear arms law” is outdated and needs to be changed today not tomorrow! Too many people with mental disorders are getting their hands on guns. We need to protect the individual rights of those hunters who are responsible but also the rights of those who are innocently unable to fend for themselves. Gun laws should be equal in rights for ALL!

Knowledge without Wisdom is just not allowable when it comes to our children. We need responsible men and women in our system to understand and who wants to pass laws to help. Our Gun Law is outdated! Change it today!

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