Dolls are one of the wonders that little girls cherish. Shirley Temple has always been one of America’s Favorite. The first colorized picture of her done in 1939 as “The Little Princess” our little girls today are all little Princess. Then we have Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy rag dolls that both girls and boys love. They have a beautiful story. Let us not forget the Cabbage Kids who were created in Baby Land. You can adopt them and love them. Everyone loves their own dollie. Our modern-day Princess is Elisa the Snow Princess. Created by Disney productions and a hit movie that everyone loves. Let us not forget Snow White! She was a fairy tale from the past. But modern today for everyone! Dolls are everyone’s favorite famous or not. We all love our dolls. And I am sure that all of you girls out there have your favorite dolls.

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