All of us who like to travel want to know that we are safe. In order to do this sometimes we must give up our privacy. Even though this seems harsh it is best to be safe by using a “Body Scanner” than in danger and end up in a “Body Bag. It is an unpleasant experience and for the most part an inconvenience but it is better than the alternative.

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#Body Scanners Protect Us

#Body Bags Not an Option

What Body Scanners See

Suitcase can hold many things

It is true that the body scanner is going to show your clothes underneath your regular clothes. You should wear clean underwear’s but most of us know this as we are taught never to leave home without clean under clothes on. The traveler should think about travel clothes as oppose to everyday wearing apparel. Perhaps some of these objectors are the type who likes to cross dress or perhaps wear nothing at all. That is their own private business and nobody wants to put a stop to their personnel style. Today for the protection of yourself and others you need to think what you can wear that is comfortable fitting and suited for travel. Body scanners are not meant to cause embarrassment they are for your protection.

Body Scanners Protect Us

Most airports are trying to make sure that every passenger is comfortable and safe. We accept seat belts and other items for our protection. Body Scanners are just another form of a protective device. In September the Transportation Security Administration bought 150 scanners for about $25 million dollars just to keep us safe. It is necessary for more of these scanners to be deployed in order to keep us safe. The incidents that happen are presently blamed on terrorist which is probably very accurate. There are others who have an emotional problem that might take it upon them self to create a bad situation at the airports. The world is full of all kinds of people with all sorts of problems. It is not easy for the officials to protect us without some sort of equipment.

Body Bags Not an Option

The next best thing to body scanners is body bags! This may seem harsh but think about it! If the authorities cannot check out every person before they enter an airplane then what is left. Eventually someone will succeed in blowing up an airplane. What a terrible thought! Especially to those who like to fly to their destination. Quick body scan and off you go! A quick bomb and up you go! I think I prefer the body scan. At least I can set and complain to the person seated next to me about the invasion of privacy. Instead of my family waiting for them to find my body parts and put it into a body bag. That may seem like I am over exaggerating the situation. I am not! Think about it! There are too many people who fly not to have a system that can detect explosives underneath clothing. For that matter perhaps the trafficking of drugs might even be slowed down or stopped. Weapons that are brought on board can be detected and perhaps other dangerous items to the safety of others. The election is out and the votes are coming in and in my opinion it is a choice of “Body Scanners” or “Body Bags” no third party election here folks. You want a safe trip then dress appropriately for travel and let the ones who are trying to help do their job.

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