Many of you have not connected yet that this is the year that the “DEVIL” is strongly with us. It is amazing what is happening in such a short time period. As of this writing it is only March 2022. The Month of June has not arrived but it is coming on with a fury. How many of you keep up with the predictions of the famous Philosopher “Nostradamus”?

He has seventeen predictions for this and some of them have already come to pass. I am going to try to relate to you some of those predictions and hope you will go to You Tube and watch the 17 Predictions of Nostradamus. When you compare you will know that some have already come to pass. The explanation is better given on You Tube but just to give you some update information to peak your interests. This is the year of 6-6-6 which was predicted human kinds worst year. June 6, 2022 does equal 6-6-6 (2022)

Prediction -1-American Economy Falls

The economy of the United States will fall. People will loose their income, jobs, etc. and the American money will no longer be worth anything. Instead gold, copper, bit coins and such will become the main reason of trading.

Prediction – 2 Plagues- Deaths

Great plagues will come upon the world. Today Covid-has taken over most of the whole world. No matter where you look in every country. We are trying hard to combat the dying and sickness however, we are failing. Nation after nation people are dying because of the Pandemic. We call it a Pandemic but Nostradamus called it plagues.

Prediction- 3 Atomic Bomb & War

The third war will start. The Atomic Bomb will be let loose. First over seas, England will be attacked and yes, the New World –United States will be bombed.

Prediction- 4 Starvation

Because of the bombing much of the earth will be scorched and food will be scared. It will affect the new world and Europe. Food is already becoming scarce because of backup of delivery, high gas problems etc. When the bomb strikes then it will get even worse.

Prediction -5 Caos

Yes we have problems today of people rioting, causing trouble, fighting the civilized manner of keeping law and order. Once the bombs begin to fall their will be lawlessness. We all will suffer! The strong take over and the weak perish!

Prediction- 6 Putin Demise

According to Nostradamus, President Putin will be killed from a light out of the sky while he is on his boat. Now this is not me. I don’t have a clue. Just going by the prediction. But worse, we no longer will be fighting Russia instead we will need to join forces because of the advisary who is attacking the free world.

Prediction- 7 The Anti-Christ

It is predicted that the third Anti-Christ will make his appearance. Promising all of us peace in the world. He will guarantee peace and no more war. —But he is false and we are all fools if we worship him.


While this is not really the end of the predictions made by Nostradamus. It does give those of you an idea what is about to come. Take your time and go to You Tube and watch the predictions and make your own decisions. I am not a psychic by any means but after reading and listen to the video I wanted to share some of the things that are about to happen. Earth quakes, floods, fires, out of the sky rocks and even contact with Aliens will be made known. T his is a very exciting year. Perhaps I have raised your curosity by now. I hope so!

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