It is true that when animals live together they become friends. And often take care that each other has what is needed. My dog Robbie cannot open up doors but Button my cat can. Often Button opens up the door to the bedroom or outside so Robbie can get out. The other day I saw Robbie pulling the blanket up to Button to keep her warm.

when I first got Robbie I already had Button for a year. So Robbie got on the foot of my bed where Button usually sets. Guess what Button slapped Robbie with her little paw. In turn Robbie slapped button and she flipped off the bed. I said well that works now the can become friends. They did that for a week! I said look kids you got to learn to live together. After I looked at them and said that it stopped. Finally, they figured that Robbie lay beside me to the back of the bed. While Button laid to the foot. I got very quiet and Robbie gets off the bed and goes to his bed in the floor. Button laid on the floor beside Robbie. I watched quietly as Robbie reached out and pulled Button in his bed. Now they lay quietly together for most of the night.

Eating and Drinking

At first Robbie waited for Button to eat her food. Then he would eat his food. If Robbie had already started eating then Button waited for her turn. Today they eat and drink their food together side by side. They have their own dishes and water container. Sometimes Robbie forgets which dish is his but Button pushes him over to the right dish. They know what is good food and who is suppose to eat it. If Robbie gets confused Button reminds him.

Taking a Walk

When I first put Robbie on the lease and started taking a walk with him around the block I got to noticing that Button was following behind. Robbie slow down and even stop if Button couldn’t keep up. The neighbors really loved watching the two of them taking their walks together. I did not have a kitty lease but noticed I did not need one. If Button went towards the road Robbie barks at her and brings her back on the sidewalk. They truly do take care of each other. Once on the walk I slipped and fell. Button sit on my tummy and Robbie went next door to my neighbor and barked. She opened the door and saw that I had fallen. She helped me up. I gave both my children for their fast action. My neighbor said she wish she had taken a picture of the cat setting on me for protection while the dog went for help. I said well the cat really can’t bark and the dog can’t meow. So it stands to reason they would do it that way.

Button sleeping

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Robbie & Me in our winter coats