Two wise men predicted that the time would come when human kind would destroy themselves with war, diseases, and starvation. John said two would be together and one would be taken while the other one stayed to suffer. Is this not what is happening today? Just about every family has lost a loved one to Covid-19. While the rest of us survive. We do not consider the lilies of field instead it is the almighty dollar. Our children are the lilies! It is better to let them parish so say some and save our economy. Nostradamus predicted our Pandemic’s, wars, and starvation during this era. He made it plain and we are suffering from what he predicted. But can we change things? Make things so it is not in our generation? What can we do? He predicted that Putin would be assignated, we would end up joining forces with Russia to battle China and a third Anti-Christ from the New World would rise up and take control.

T he Lilies of the Field Our Children

While parents protect their children and maintain their substances the Holy Senators drag their feet. Over the centuries we have helped so many foreign nations with food and medicines and rebuild their country. But today we cannot even provide the much needed money to help us maintain the simple things in life for our children. It is a crying shame when a man if you want to call him that like Joe Manchin is permitted to stop what we need for our families survival. Not talking vacation, electronics, etc. I am talking food, medicines, clothes the major things in life.

Our Children our the Lilies of the field. Mother’s and father’s alike sweat and toil everyday to provide for their family. While politicians live off the “fat of the land”. Yes I did mention Joe Manchin but let’s face it where are the Republicans? They play a crucial part in this. Just setting back and ignoring the situation so that the Democrats can take the blame hoping they will win the future election. This is an absolute disgusting political method. In reality the whole party should be disbanded. Who cares about Joe Manchin when you also have 50 Senators. Come on give it a break. Who in this world wants to vote for a Republican when they refuse to help the Democrats put food on the table, medicine, pay for child care.

Just because Joe Biden is not keeping his promises is no sign to vote against Democrats or him either. Let’s do the math. We only have 48 voting Democrats that want this process. The other’s that refuse are all Republicans. Find out if your representative if they are Republican voted for the Stimulus package that would help you and your family. If they did not then vote against them.

Roses that have bloomed — Seniors

Next let me remind you that as a child your parents worked hard provided shelter and food. Many were given lot of extra’s along the way. Because of these folks we call Seniors our nation is stronger and provides our country with many of the things we have today. Now if mom and dad told you we have no food just peanut butter and bread. Your sisters and brothers are going to be eating Chicken and steak that would iritate you to know end. You would feel like that they did not love you. But you did your homework, your chores, and behaved during church. So why now are you being treated this way.

Bernie Sanders, is sticking up for the peanut butter and bread kids, trying to get them some KFC (Kind Fed & Clothed) if you will. He is pushing for seniors to get higher amount of money each month, better medical treatment, hearing aids, dentures, all the things they need to survive in a better world. Mom and dad bought you that new coat and some even did without. Truth I wore my coat for 15 years, just got a new one this winter. But gave the children money to buy new coats, sweaters etc. I am not sorry whether they realize it or not I loved them. Now that I am a Senior I thought that my Social Security would maintain me. “What a disappointment”

All because of one man our nation is coming to a stop! Now I have already explained the position of the Republicans. You can take it or leave it! If you agree with them and don’t want them to work for you. You don’t need help or feel that asking them to vote for help for others then so be it. But think! Act! Tweet them, text them! Let them know if this Stimulus does not go through your not going to vote for them. Find out how fast you will be compensated!

  • Christians STAND-UP
  • We are suppose to be a nation of God-fearing people. A nation that has many different religious sects. I am not going to name you. You know who you are right? Pastors over big churches, Pastors over smaller churches? Christians who go every meeting time. Believe it or not! This really is war! It is your duty to STAND-UP and be counted. Not sit in the pew and cringe. I am not saying take up arms. I am saying first we truly need prayers too many are dying, too many children will be going without, too many Seniors are suffering. Pray for them ALL! But gather together, for he said if the few pray he will listen and answer prayers. The small churches perhaps ten or 12 take up your armour. Write a letter requesting help for everyone. Pray about it before you send it to Mitch McConnell. The larger churches some have memberships in the thousands. Have a pretyped letter give it out to your congregation have them sign. Then pray over it like you have never done before with all sincerity. Put it in mail bags! Have it sent to Congress! Let them know you want people of all religions and beliefs taken care of because we are one nation united under God.

What a shock! If this was to happen. Today I hope that many of you read my article and will take heed. This is my opinion only. But now let me have yours. If your church writes to Congress let me know. Let me know how many. If your just one and you write then let me know that as well. I like to be able to double your request by sending this article along with the many who have made comments.

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