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Remember Grandparents on Grandparents Day

Everyone loves their grandparents and often thinks about what they would say if they were in this world today. It is a mixture of good memories and sad one’s too! Things like going to Grandma’s house and smelling fresh baked breads or perhaps your helping her make cookies in the kitchen. Then their is grandpa setting around reading his paper. He bends down pats you on the head, a twinkle in his eye and a smile. You keep playing with your cars or perhaps a dollie or two. All is well! You know that this is one of the most of marvelous times in your life.

But what happens as you grow older and they have passed. For some this is not a thought that you even want to think about. But for others it has become a faded memory. It is hard to tell your children about the wonderful things that happen while you grew up as a child. Funny now you find yourself with dentures, wearing glasses, perhaps even a hearing aid. Your children have given you their babies to hold and to rock. You see in their smiles glimpses of when you were smaller. And you say Please Lord let them remember me!

“The Circle of Life”

Today is a beautiful day! I hope for everyone. But then with this #Covid-19 around it can be a dangerous day! You might find that you are starting to loose some of the one’s that you love the most. And even yourself is spindling away. Don’t let this happen! Without putting together your family’s life story. You are very important person no matter what your family position. You can put together all those precious memories, pictures, and even stories told or poetry made. Let #Writer Shirley’s World help you make your own “CIRCLE OF LIFE” Album. It is great gift for now and for generations to come.

Some folks like to come back and add pictures and more to their story every year. This is wonderful experience of updating keeping your family alive. And worse yet having to add that someone has passed. But then their is the new births, weddings, other family events that took place during the year. You will find it very reasonable to upgrade your family “Circle of Life” Album. It is left open ended on a special bookshelf so that generations to come can buy it! All the work is done! We can have it put into many different languages for you as well.

while you are thinking about it the clock is ticking away, babies are crying, and grandma might be dying. Sometimes it is not wise to put off today what should be done today. Yesterday has passed, today is to be lived, and tomorrow is your step into the world beyond. Enjoy your today, don’t weep over yesterday! For as they say tomorrow may never come. But here at Writer Shirley’s World we like to think that we put a never-ending story together for you and your family with our passion and love for your family history. Please just checkout our Book Section and let us begin your

“Circle of Life” Family History

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