This is the time of year to enjoy the fresh taste of Adagio Teas. Known for their fresh taste. Known by the consumer because their tea is hand-picked, whole leaf teas. Those who love drinking tea had gotten use to those teas that were put into tea bags filled with partial tea and dust of the tea. There are fifty-one natural flavors offered today.

Adagio Teas has that special gourmet taste when it come to tea. They are considered the number one online destination to go to when you desire a good tasting tea. Alex Research team deemed their tea as fresh and abundant in flavor. Smell the tea as it is brewing, and you will be delighted with the aroma that fills the air. All of us enjoy a great cup of tea!

The following are just a few of their teas:

  1. Betty Crème Compote
  2. Lemon Meringue
  3. Spring Darjeeling
  4. Apricot
  5. Blackberry
  6. Blueberry
  7. Raspberry
  8. Strawberry
  9. White Tangerine
  10. Flavor Trilogy’s

These are just a few of the many different flavors that are offered to you from Adagio Teas. There are 51 different teas and herbals that range from only 12cts a cup. The excellent taste will make any tea party the amongst ladies in special groups. Today having a tea party is a wonderful way to socialize. Ladies have enjoyed over the centuries of having tea events in their church or ladies’ group. It can still be done only in a much more magnificent way.

Everyone can have a Zoom or Skype meeting display their Adagio Tea

akers or specialty tea service sets. The afternoon will be a complete hit with the use of this magnificent, flavored teas.