PCH American Made Game that Really Pays

The Dawn of Time has brought forth the playing of games. Many people refer to it as form of gambling. Because one usually puts something up against their opponent to try to win. The one who wins walks off with both prizes. The one who loses finds they have lost what they placed for bet. In the olden days, many times a man might bet his daughter to win horse, cow, or even a piece of land. Today we are more modern. We find that we can go into a Casino and play to win.

Publishers Clearing House

Games Played for High Stakes Winnings and No Loss

But wouldn’t it be fun to play games and not loose anything? Of course, that is not hardly possible. But the fact is there is a company that has great game play and you do not have to invest anything to play. You can have fun watching the game as it progresses and when the time comes someone will show up at your door with your prize. But Not just a Prize! The lucky winner will receive $7,000 a week for life. PCH has given many people over the years this great opportunity to win millions of dollars.

History of Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House has been around since 1953 with Harold Mertz as its founder. He was the manager of door-to-door sales team that sold magazine subscriptions. He started his company in the basement of his home with his wife Lu Esther and daughter Joyce to help him. At that time, they were able to mail out 10,000 envelopes to people. The company progressed very quickly and took on a head of its own. They had to start hiring staff and move the office in 1969 to a larger building to help accommodate the in flux of magazine prescriptions.


Publishers Clearing House

The company had started earning $50 million dollars by 1981 and $100 million by 1988. Mr. Mertz started a sweepstakes entry in order to increase magazine sales. This is just some of the historical facts about an American company that become a huge success by giving to others. Today Publishers Clearing House offers those who want to sign up the ability to win $7,000 a week for life. This is a remarkable way to get an income without losing any of your own possessions. You are not required to buy their magazines to sign-up for the big win. But they do offer you some great selections in Magazines that will come mailed to your door.