Let’s #write my parents were my words from the get-go! It seems that before I could even read, I had my mother writing down my thoughts. All through my life my desire was to write. Today I have my own #Content #Writing #Company known as #WriterShirleyWorld. In this I can help those of you who have the desire to write down your thoughts and ideas. We have many poets, story tellers, and muses who like to write but are afraid to get started. I am here to help each, and everyone write your thoughts.

The Process Begins

Our mind is a precious tool when it comes to writing material. The first thing is our thoughts, the thoughts go to paper (computer) and then the ability to process it into a legitimist piece of works is where most of us have our problems.

· Mind into thoughts the lead to all good writers.

· Expression of these thoughts to paper or a computer is next important part of our writing.

· Then the ability to organize and get our works into an outline where our writing can be formatted into book or other types of reports.

One of the most important things is to be able to find someone who will support you in your endeavors. As in the past so is it today where often the one’s we love are the one’s who let us down.

Support and Recognition

The hard part about being a writer is to get off the launch pad one might say. “Let’s Write” my slogan has helped me many times. When it seems, I can’t get work, or I am being chastised for wasting my time I simply go into my special place. There I say to myself #LetWrite

with pencil in hand or my laptop across my bed then I go creative. But I must admit when I have turned out a special piece or get kudos for my writing it does make it all worthwhile. Sometimes I find that perhaps it is not always wise to share my failures as much as my successes.

When you have the support of the one who is close to you writing flows better. The receipt of recognition for an article or book makes it even much better. Nothing in the world like creating a masterpiece if it is art, music or writing. The writer in this time of history is at the bottom in comparison. While the internet makes it easier to get writing assignments or publish your book. Society is overrun with would be writers and those who are genuinely creative. Don’t let that discourage you instead –“Write On”!