B 2 C Business 2 Community

The launch of this newest website brings out Business 2 Community by sharing the type of business one has and who owns and operates the business. Many folks often are not aware of who owns a business or if it is online, brick n mortar or both. Essentially this gives you the business owner the opportunity to share who you are and what your business can do for the consumers. The consumer can now find the business that they want and get information about the business. It is a win-win situation for both you the business owner and the consumer.

Business Boosters

The second phase of B 2 C is the ability to boost your business with new clients and make sales. You will be able to do special promotions and explain different facets of your business by blogs each week two blogs will be done for you explaining your business or promoting special events. These blogs will be put into Social Media accounts such as:

· Linked-In

· Face Book

· Alignable

· Delicious,

· Digg

· News vine

· Stumble Upon

· Reddit

· Twitter

· Wikinut

· Writer Shirley’s World.com


As of December 18, 2019 for the year I have 26,666 clicks on my blog site located on Wikinut. I also have multiple clicks from a variety of the websites listed above. You can enjoy the richness of my followers by becoming a part of B 2 C Business 2 Community.

Business Employment

One of the many problems that face small businesses is finding employee’s. We are not large like some of the major corporations where people walk through our doors. Indeed many times we spend money and time trying to find new employee’s. Perhaps to expand our business or because someone may quit and we need to replace them. That is why having a spot on B2 C Business 2 Community for hiring is very important. When you need to hire we will put the ad on for you with no additional cost. You have someone who is proficient in being able to do ad placements. This is helpful no matter what the size of your business. Your not out time to do the ad nor the expense.

B 2 C Final Phase

Now comes the final and most important phase. How can I become a part of this new business listing. It is called B 2 C or Business 2 Community. After careful research and long hours of study we decided that with the launch of this new business by Writer Shirley’s World to give everyone special rates. We have found that the fee for this kind of work is between $700- $3,000.

Here at Writer Shirley’s World we want to do our launch with a basic price of only $200.00 per month. No contracts or hidden fee’s! Yes you heard that right this fantastic offer is only $200 monthly. You can use our service on month-to-month basis for the year 2020. All you need to do to get started is call (517) 885-3399 or email: writershirley@gmail.com. This is a limited time offer for those who want to join our B 2 C group in the start-up will get these special rates.

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