Shirley Lopez, Author & Publisher

Today there are many opportunities to #work at #home. Many of these are difficult and requires you to sell to your #family and #friends. Then you find that once you have you run out of prospects. You even might have to invest in their program to find prospects in order to make an income. In the end you have spent money that you cannot recover. You are very disappointed out lot of money and stuck with products in some cases. Many of us today do not want to go #door #knocking.

At one time in our lives selling products like Tupperware or cosmetics was the thing. It increased our income and it was fun. The companies now have websites that you can set up. There is of course an expense to maintain these websites. Other companies usually have a pyrmid scheme you get one person under you and they get several and so on. This is difficult as well. Some folks are very successful at doing this but it takes lot of your time and of course there is an expense.

My #Work at #Home #Program can net you a lot of income without having to involve family and friends. You do not have to buy lot of products nor try to get others to sign up and have them get others. This is a stand alone program. It requires you to be able to write. If you got a good program that corrects your grammar and spelling you are basically ready to go. If your not sure how to set up #blogs and#stories for #publication I do have a #training program available here on my website. But it is not required for you to take it if you feel confident enough to just jump in and write then you are all set to start earning a very lucrative income.

I advise you to #consider my #program. If you like to work from home and earn an income. Many of the referrals I give to you pay $50.00- to $400.00 Also included is contests you might want to enter that pay thousands of dollars. How many of you have heard of Chicken Soup for the Soul? Often they are looking for stories and send over to me the information needed to get a story printed. And yes they pay! My #referral program is simple and inexpensive. There is no membership required it is up to you to take advantage of all the referrals presented to you. Simple to do and easy to find. If interested in working from home on your laptop or computer simply email

  1. $2.00 —for one referral
  2. $20.00 for 12- referrals
  3. $60.00 for 10 referrals and Contest listings for 4 weeks

*Each week get 10 fresh referrals pus contests you can enter with your story.

What a deal no membership required but you can order referrals as often as you like.