Many times a blogger gets discouraged and gives up simply because they are not trained to properly blog. People come to me and say I am good writer, worked for magazine companies, schools, etc. However, just like any profession blogging requires a certain technique. You don’t go to a foot doctor if you are hard of hearing. You don’t call an electrician when your problem requires a carpenter. The same way with blogging because you have written for magazine companies or perhaps even a newspaper company does not mean that you know how to blog.

That is why I created this course that I offer to everyone online. It gives you the fundamentals needed to blog. You do have a foot up if you know how to write no doubt. Now you just need the instructions on how to blog. People are paying you for each word that you write. If a person is paying you $1 a word for $500 word article they expect meat in the article. Hamburger just does not cut it. They don’t want to pay you for a bunch of the, and, and buts. How do you handle it. And how many words in a paragraph should you write? Can you link in and link out? How much linking is tolerated?

The person paying you expects top quality work. They want their blogs to be in the top five for search engines. They don’t want the bots to skip over their website because you over used the keywords. They most certainly don’t want your work to resemble the rest of the blog sites. Looking for a unique writer who writes unique copy. A person who owns a website wants his site to out shine the rest. In order to make top dollar just like anyone else you got to work for it. One of the toughest requirements is to dedicate yourself to your blog job. Can you write daily? weekly? keep a schedule? Those who do soon find that they are far ahead and make a very descent income. Usually start out at about .30 cents a word which seems low by any standard but if your work is outstanding will soon get hired by a professional writing content company and earn a very lucrative income.

This is just some writing tips and information to explain why I offer the Blog training class. I cannot give anyone a job writing without knowing if they qualify. My reputation is online as well and if I turn out people who quit don’t complete the assignment or people who mess it up and don’t follow directions soon none of my folks could get writing work. No matter your skills in writing I insist you take the class or I simply will not provide you with any type of blog work. I am sure you understand by now my reasoning behind this. My method is what is called the

KISS Method.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Signs On The Cheap

Nothing to complicated a 8th grader could pass. No grammar, punctuation, or spelling required. I am not an English Teacher. You should already have those skills. If not there is a program called Grammarly that will help. My program is to train you on what you need to know to become an expert at blogging. Provides you with employment in different ways and helps you with setting up your website. I have a very good company who will help you with that and you can contact them to find out all about it. Just ask for Mr. Cory Dunham! Tell him I sent you!

Writer Shirley’s World provides you with everything that you need to blog, and even helps you to get work that pays. We help you to know about writing contests and find that if you need we will answer your questions or do a Zoom meeting. Come and join the multitude of bloggers who make a good living with this profession.